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The Gatorade High School G-Series Performance package offers the most items and variety. It’s a great way to build your hydration program for your team, and a great way to try all the different product Gatorade offers. You get powder, pre-workout energy chews and post-workout protein bars. Then get coolers, towels or squeeze bottles to complete your package.

($1,115 Retail Value)

  • (6) Cases of Gatorade Prime® Energy Chews (96 servings)
  • (1) Case of Gatorade® Thirst Quencher Powder (yields 84 gallons total)
    Choose from Glacier Freeze, Riptide Rush, or Lemon Lime, or
  • (3) Cases of Gatorade® Thirst Quencher Powder Sticks (yields 192 servings)
    Choose from Lemon Lime, Orange, or Fruit Punch
  • (8) Cases of Gatorade Recover® Whey Protein Bars (96 servings), or
  • (8) Cases of Gatorade Recover® Protein Shakes (96 servings)

CHOOSE ANY 3 of the below Premiums
  • 3-gallon cooler
  • 7-gallon cooler
  • 10-gallon cooler
  • 60-quart ice chest on wheels
  • 10 Gatorade Towels
  • 24 Gatorade® contoured squeeze bottles
  • 4 Gatorade® squeeze bottle carriers
  • 1 case of 7 oz. cups (2,000/case)

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